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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting Paid to Blog: Don't Quit Your Day Job Yet

It sounds too good to be true. I'm sure there are many bloggers — myself included — who would like to see their costs offset, or their time investment rewarded, but is it really possible to earn significant income through pay for content schemes?

Several companies want you to think so. AdSense-sponsored content has been around for donkey's years, of course, but other revenue models are emerging with the explosion of blogging and other Web 2.0 phenomena.

PayPerPost is the latest player on the market. They act as matchmaker between bloggers and advertisers who are seeking people to write about their products. PayPerPost publishes a list of advertiser opportunities on their site. Bloggers review this list, select a topic, and create a post. Once approved by PayPerPost, the post must remain live for 30 days before the blogger is paid (via PayPal). From a professional writing standpoint, payments are miniscule, ranging from $2.50 to about $20 per article.

Squidoo has quite a different approach. Organized like a directory, the site is a collection of articles on various topics (called "lenses") grouped into categories, rather like About.com. Bloggers are invited to create lenses on topics that interest them, and can link back to their blogs. There is no limit on the number of lenses you can create. You earn "royalties" on the lenses you write, based on a share of Squidoo's AdSense and affiliate advertising revenue. The company claims it distributes 50% of after-expense revenue directly to lensmasters.

Another company that wants to pay you for content is Associated Content. The site operates as a content syndication service for text, audio, video, and images. Unlike Squidoo, which derives revenue from advertising, AC resells content and offers cash up front. Your submission is reviewed by an AC content manager and, if accepted, you'll receive an offer within five business days. Payments range from $3 to $40.

In addition to these, numerous blogging networks claim to pay you to blog, out of income derived from advertising revenues. These include:

ShigOdani maintains that, for those bloggers who do blog for money, payouts average $5.00 to $50.00 per month. Not exactly enough to retire on. What has your experience been? Does your blog produce income? What revenue programs do you use, and why? Drop a comment on me below.


writer said...

wow, very good links. thanks!

Pam said...

You're welcome :-)

Aiden said...

Hello~ Thank you for the links...

My experience has been going fairly well. I have been blogging about four months now and seriously working on growing everything for the page six weeks. I have had some success with PayPerPost (made about 135 dollars in the past thirty days, though some of it is still waiting to be paid out). I had a little success with Sponsored Reviews which is also like PayPerPost. Additionally I have made a little money with Helium, a website that gives you the opportunity to write short articles for a small (a few cents at a time or less) advertising payout, they also have a market place with publishers offering opportunities, and contests. I am also hoping to write for b5media which is another blog network that I have heard a lot of great things about! Once again, Thanks for sharing!