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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Graph Your Site Code!

ProBlogger's Darren Rowse has a post this week about an entertaining little Java applet that graphs the HTML entities that comprise your web site. Websites as Graphs generates a swarm of colourful — and strangely mesmerizing — dots that coalesce into interesting patterns representing your site's structure.

Rowse used it to illustrate his post with several graphs that plot competing sites, including Google versus Yahoo and Engadget versus Gizmodo.

Already, a community is growing around this tool. Check out the graphs that people have posted at Flickr.

I was curious to see how it would treat WebLens. You see the result here. Give it a try for yourself. Just type any URL (web address) into the screen form and watch the fun begin. (Tip: scroll down the results screen for an explanation of the colors used.)


Dusty Dog said...

This is really interesting. And fun. I did it for both my sites. But, I was wondering if anyone who has any code knowledge has done any kind of analysis of these graphs. For instance, can a site be considered to be chaotic, or badly coded, or maybe even really well laid out? Just a thought. I'm going to do an article about this on my websites also, when I have the energy, both at my blogspot blog and my new blog at Eponym, http://dustydoggie.eponym.com . I'm still trying to determine which one I like better. But, that's another issue.

Pam said...

The same thought struck me. I saw a certain order in the result for WebLens that was pleasing, but how to interpret these things? Let me know if you find something.